Dining Room

The Brief:
Transform our lounge into a bright area that sparks interest
and allows us to comfortably entertain friends and family.

The Transformation:

Before dining room
After dining room

Our Process:

We completely coverted this space from a beautiful reading room (check it out here) to a gorgeous dining room.

We started by doing some renovations to the space ourselves, to allow for more space and a more open plan feel.

The theme we then came up with was "blue" and "yellow".

• So we painted the walls a beautiful blue, inspired by the Middle East

• We then got a lovely dining room table with luxurious blue chairs to match

• On our travels we were able to acquire a matching Moroccan door and Moroccan mirror that both serve as gorgeous pieces and conversation starters

• We got custom made yellow curtains to match with the theme

• We then installed a crystal Chandelier we got from "K.Light Import"

• To add a finishing touch, we used lovely ceramics by local artist, Charmaine Haines.

This room went from strength to strength with our help!