Motso Art deco wall paper_edited.png

Guest Loo

The Brief:
Bring this small guest loo to life in a cost effective, yet sophisticated way.

The Transformation:

Before bathroom picture
After bathroom picture

Our Process:

We were working on a budget, so we couldn't really change the sanitary ware or fixtures.

• Accessories can really transform a space, so we incorporated some African flavour with woven baskets

and added some ambience with a few candles.

• We replaced the paintings and mirror with a more minimalistic and

modern mirror which we painted gold (it was initially silver).

• We then installed our beautiful Black & Gold Wallpaper in order to add that special touch to the space. 

• We topped it off by painting the exposed fixtures black in order to blend in and keep with the theme of the room.

That's what we call beauty on a budget!