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Africa-Inspired Interior Design.

~ Modern Mo'Afrika - Enhancing Lifestyles ~

African Art is Sophisticated, and Belongs in the Modern Living and Working Space.



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is a 100%

Black Female Owned, Visuals Communication Company

that was founded in 2016.


We specialise in contemporary,

Africa-Inspired Designs + Wallpapers. 


We use accessories and graphics to honour the diversity and soulfulness of Africa.

We pride ourselves in our

creative abilities and project management skills.

Our Vision:

To be the go-to company for audaciously different designs and inspired spaces

that have a modern African aesthetic.



Our Mission: 

We exist to create and manifest beautiful working and living spaces,

through the use of African Art and Design.

We do this by consistently adding value to our customers,

operating sustainably and keeping Africa-Inspired design at the core of our product offerings.

We also aim to preserve and celebrate African cultures, heritage and design.


Our Values,

and Our Promise to You:

We are a passionate and creative people, who have a strong sense of aesthetics.

High quality and good customer service is what we aim to provide at all times. 


We subscribe to green design principles, because sustainability and recycling are of the utmost importance to us. 

Our suppliers are reputable and possess environmentally-friendly credentials that give us the confidence to produce products that are not harmful, and are safe enough to be used in spaces ranging from offices to nurseries.


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Kgomotso Malope


"African art is sophisticated, and belongs in modern living and working spaces."

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