Patio Renovation

The Brief:
Convert the open verandah into a covered patio and create a comfortable enclosed living space with an African feel, where the family can lounge and spend lazy hours relaxing.

The Transformation:


Our Process:


• We started by extending the walls and seamlessly connecting them to the original wall.

• Wooden sliding doors and windows leading from the house to the patio were

replaced with dark-stained wooden folding sliding doors.

• The bathroom, which was inappropriately positioned to face the patio,

was repositioned to face another side of the house.

• On the ceiling, we left roof supporting beams exposed, as a feature,

and stained them the same colour as the doors. 

• We coupled wide-blade ceiling fans with oversized wicker chairs

to create a tropical ambience reminiscent of East Africa.

• For relaxation, two deep-seated couches were added in the room.

• We also used non-slippery ceramic tiles, in a complementary colour. 

The patio now serves as an indoor-outdoor room that can be used regardless of the weather conditions.