Girl's Bedroom

The Brief:
A young girl had outgrown her room, and the room was in desperate need of a makeover.

The Transformation:

Before and after pics teepee 1-01.jpg
After pics teepee

Our Process:


The theme for this room was "pink" so we playing around with different tones of pink and purple.

We painted the walls light pink with a striking pink in the center of the wall.

We also painted a spiral dandelion pattern with different colour circles to add a mesmerizing feel.

• Keeping with the theme, we got pink curtains off the shelf

and then repurposed the shelves and the bed that they had, which gave them new life.

• We also got a new bookshelf for her books.

• We made her a lovely teepee that she could go and play in.

• We installed lights in it to allow her to live in her fantasy whenever she wanted, day or night.

This created beautiful lighting especially when it got dark.

• We arranged the accessories she already had in the room (lamp, books and side-table)

to complement her new space. 

Now it's a space fit for a princess!

Take a look at this contrasting room.